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5 Top Organisational Tips to Help Parents Study

Posted for Upskilled  by mumandworking Australia

When you’re a busy mum, it can be tough to find time to think about your next career step, but if, in your few moments of peace and quiet, you find yourself contemplating a return to work or a career change with relish, take a moment to consider the possibility of using a bit of your precious ‘me time’ to study online. Today’s online courses are designed specifically with people like you in mind. Women, who are busy and often tired from family demands, but still retain an impressive level of interest and ambition.... Read more

The Best Time Management Tips for Working Mums

Submitted by Foundation Education

As a working Mum, you know time is of the essence.  You run a tight ship and you understand the importance of keeping to a well-organised schedule.  But sometimes 24 hours just doesn't seem like enough time in the day.  Check out our time management tips to increase your efficiency at work and home, and enjoy more leisure time....read more

A Second Career: Direct Selling

Posted by mumandworking Australia

Queensland mum starts direct selling business to work flexibly around her children

Meet Suzanne Aron, an Arbonne Independent Consultant & Regional Vice President. She talks about work, family, and children. After starting a family, striving to "have it all" just felt like just being busy! Direct Selling was the unexpected answer, and now she loves her second career....read more

Advance Your Career While on Maternity Leave

Posted by Foundation Education

jobs for mums by flexible study

A baby and a career aren’t mutually exclusive. If you want to get ahead in your career, use your maternity leave to focus on your family and your future. Put steps in place to advance your career while on maternity leave with these tips.... Read More

8 Perfect Presents for Mums

Posted by Naomi Webb

Mums deserve to be spoilt. After all their years of motherly service, wiping tears and babies bums, cleaning up dirty laundry and trying to find something to cook that the whole family will actually eat, they should have gifts showered upon them - not just on special occasions, but all the time. With this in mind, here are eight perfect presents for Mums that should definitely be bestowed upon them...read more

Important Tips for Parents to Achieve a Work-Life Balance

Posted 14/3/16,  Submitted By Diana Fisher

Hearing the term “work-life balance” alone can cause stress to working parents. That’s because full-time working parents usually feel guilty of the divided attention that is spent between work and family. The key is to focus on getting organized to find the right balance between work and parenthood. If you often find yourself struggling to find the right balance in your life as a parent, here are three tips that you may want ....read more

Flexible Income Opportunities for the Modern Mum

Posted 7/3/16,   Submitted by CMC Markets

Being a mum these days proves to be no single task. Taking care of your family is, by definition, an extremely complex job. Good nutrition, health, education, psychological well-being, extracurricular activities, spiritual strengthening, you name it. Those are just some aspects to take care of for your family, all while also taking care of yourself. Regardless if you split chores with your spouse - or not - or are a single mother, time management is crucial...read more

What Are My Childcare Options?

Posted on 18/2/16, By Shannon, founder of Nanny2U

You knew you would be going back to work after maternity leave - whether part time of full time, you knew that at some point, you will need some form of childcare.  And now that your return to work date is nearly here, anxiety creeps in...read more

Helping Mums Start their own Fashion Boutique

 Posted 2/2/2016, by mumandworking Australia 

Alison Henry, helping WAHM, giving mums the opportunity to start their own business and work from home

Meet single mum, Alison Henry, and read about her story of how she started her baby shoes business and then expand and created Beyond Beautiful, helping mums start their own fashion boutique so that they can work and look after their kids....read more

Elise Easdown: Business Success by offering Flexibility to Mums Working From Home

Posted 4/1/16, by mumandworking Australia

Business Success by employing mums working from home

To kickstart the year, we interview Elise Easdown, Managing Director of our sister site, What's on 4 Australia.  A wonderful friend and an inspiration to working mums, Elise has grown her wildly successful business by employing talented mums who work from home. She chats to us about her plans and their popular 2016 What's On 4 Junior Awards read more 

Things You Can Do to Kick-Start your Career in 2016

Posted on 10/12/15, By Aiying Law 

There are less than 3 weeks to the end of the year, and with the summer school holidays ahead, it might feel like the last thing you want to think about is work. Or finding work.  In fact, now is the perfect time to think about career moves in 2016. If you are a stay at home mum who is looking to get back in the job market or a working mum who is looking for flexible work that you can fit around your children the family, there are plenty that you can be doing to plan for your career transition....read more

5 Tips for Staying Confident Through a Career Transition

Posted 4/12/2015, By Jodie Bruce-Clarke

Are you looking to make a career transition in 2016?  Maybe you’re thinking that it is time to take the plunge into starting your own business, moving from full-time to part-time or getting back into work now that the kids are in school? 

A career change, like any change, can be challenging and it’s at times like this we need extra amounts of personal motivation...read more

Confidence is the best deodorant!

Posted 6/11/15, By Jodie Bruce-Clarke

Did you know that confidence is one of the world’s most sought-after personality traits?  Why?  Well, we all want it, want more of it or want to know how to hang onto it when we eventually find some of it.  We believe that with confidence anything is possible... read more

Are you Buying a Franchise or a Licence?

Posted 23/10/5,  By Carolyn Dufton

There is common confusion between franchising and licensing – and not surprisingly. In Australia, Franchising is regulated by The ACCC under The Franchising Code of Conduct. Licensing is not regulated, although like every business in Australia, it has to observe The Consumer and Competition Act 2010....read more

Business Schools For Mums

Posted 22/10/15, By mumandworking Australia

A small home based business can offer Mums the opportunity to create their ideal work/ life balance, where they can contribute to the family income, be stimulated and challenged, all whilst being there for their family on their terms.

Many mums out there have wonderful small business ideas that would set them on this path, but unfortunately are instead held back by the nagging voice in their head that tells them – they can’t, it’s too hard, or it’s just not possible for them.

Business School for Mums was created specifically for these women – to show them that anything is possible....Read More

Why one company moved away from franchising to grow their business

Posted 16/10/15,  by mumandworking Australia 

When a family from the UK decided to let their friend in Adelaide launch their newly franchised business “down under”, they had no idea what would be involved. Jan and Rick Lomas, with their daughters, Sarah and Emma, were about to start on a journey that would see them still operating their business in Australia almost ten years later – but on a very different basis.... read more

Becky Hughes Takes Us Behind the Scenes at Baby Sensory

Posted on 8/10/15, By mumandworking Australia

Becky Hughes: running a flexible franchise

We chat to Becky Hughes, Director and Founder of Baby Sensory Australia and New Zealand as she takes us behind the scenes.  Read about the research and preparation that underpin the Baby Sensory Programme and first hand advice for mums considering buying a franchise business...read more

Nina Rosace on Being Organised

Posted on 6/9/2015, By mumandworking Australia 

Nina Rosace talks about Homesorted and how that gives her balance between work and family life

Meet Nina Rosace:  Author, Company Director and now Franchisor of Home Sorted! Recognising her natural skill and love for organisation, Nina started Home Sorted in 2002 with an interactive DIY book. Its popularity prompted her to offer a professional home organsing service helping hundreds of time-poor families across Melbourne. This year, Home Sorted launched their Home Sorted! Franchise business Australia wide..read more

Sandra Bennett on Why She Started Boogie Roos

Posted on 31/8/2015, By mumandworking Australia 

We chat to Sandra Bennett, founder of Boogie Roos, about why she started this lively, interactive musical and movement activity group. Sandra talks about her journey from the UK to Australia and her change of career to work in the children's industry. She runs Boogie Roos from home, integrating business and family life with her husband, two amazing daughters and their 2 fluffy dogs...read more

The Best Thing About My Dad Is....

posted on 26/8/15, by Aiying Law

Our Father’s Day competition closed on Sunday. It was our very first competition and we are thrilled to have over 170 entries.  Thank you so much...read more

Career Consulting - What are you passionate about?

Posted on 22/8/15, By Alexandra Unger

Navigating the world of work has never been more daunting. With so many choices it can be hard to find your way. However, by uncovering your passion and thinking laterally about your next move, you can find a genuinely rewarding career path...read more

Annabel Karmel on Mumpreneur

Posted on 18/8/2015, By mumandworking Australia

After building her business empire from scratch at her kitchen table with three children in tow, Annabel is proof-positive that anything is possible. For over two decades, she has blazed her way through business challenges whilst juggling family life to make it as a leading name in the children’s food industry.

Having made it as a modern day ‘mumpreneur’, Annabel Karmel is now urging other mothers to become their own boss. “Shattering the glass ceiling with a changing bag in tow is no longer limited to the realms of fantasy”, says Annabel.

“Having children doesn’t mean a full stop at the end of your CV, so I’ve joined forces with some of the leading names in business, from Chrissie Rucker of The White Company to Shelley Barrett of ModeCo Cosmetics to equip mums with the practical skills and advice to follow their start-up dreams” says Annabel.

Annabel’s new book “Mumpreneur” is out in Australia now, and we caught up with Annabel to find out more about her rise to start-up success... read more

Sailing the Seas Solo… how do you know when you’re ready?

Posted on 13/8/15, By Sarah O'Bryan

The step from paid employment to working for your self can be daunting. The entrepreneurial seas of small business can be unpredictable and ... read more

Run a flexible, high-energy business that helps new mums workout with their baby

Posted on 6/8/2015, By mumandworking Australia

Run your own flexible franchise: Kangatraining

Read how Sarah Tarrant, Owner and Country Leader for Kangatraining Australia discovered the Kangatraining program on a family visit to Austria. It’s a program for new mums to quite literally, wear their baby, while they workout. When she realized that there is nothing like it in Australia, she jumped at the chance...read more

Create beautiful gifts & artwork from home

Posted on 27/7/15, By mumandworking Australia

Flexible business working from home: Susana Hands from Created By Hands

Read how Susana Hands, the Owner and Founder of Created By Hands, used her experience as a franchisee to start her own venture, creating beautiful artworks out of personal images and photographs. A year later, Created By Hands started franchising and now have 2 franchisees in NSW with another coming onboard in Perth as they expand across Australia....read more

How I worked during school holidays

posted on 20/7/2015, by Aiying Law

Working flexibly is a two-edge sword.  It’s a great luxury to be able to plan your work around the school holidays, slow down and take it easy over.  And yet, the workload doesn’t ease off... read more

What I learnt from a room of winners

posted on 8/7/2015, by Aiying Law

A week ago, I attended the What’s On 4 Junior awards as the sponsor of the Best Family Day Out award.  The evening was to celebrate and recognise excellence in children's activity. It was that and much more. It gave me a real insight into the world of business owners. Surprisingly, I learnt a lot about failures in an evening celebrating success...read more

Why I started mumandworking Australia?

posted on 30/6/2015, by Aiying Law

Starting mumandworking Australia was a career change for me. I have always worked and loved working in the corporate world.  We've been living in London for 12 years when my husband and I decided to move back to Sydney.  Our children were 7 and 3... read more

So, what's this all about? 

Posted on 23/6/15, by Aiying Law

So what is this blog about? Most clever people say that you should have a business blog to drive traffic and engagement and all that wonderful stuff a small business needs. Experts also say you should have a plan and strategy for your blog.  Well, I kind of want a blog (because conversation helps when running your own business) and....read more


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