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Having the right support and services in place is important to help you do work you enjoy. You may be running your flexible business and need help that will free you up so that you can focus on work you love , you may be balancing a job and need different care options, or perhaps you are returning to work and need help with CV and interview coaching?

It takes a village to raise a child, and this is our village of services and resources that will give you the support and information you may need as you navigate your career, find work that you enjoy and still have the time to spend with your family.  There are some amazing, innovative businesses offering solutions for working parents who understand what it's like to integrate work and family. 

Is there something that we should include here? Do you offer support and services to working parents and want to be featured here?  Come chat to us.

What Are My Childcare Options?

<< Back to Support and ServicesBlog  By Shannon, founder of Nanny2U

You knew you would be going back to work after maternity leave - whether part time of full time, you knew that at some point, you will need some form of childcare.  And now that your return to work date is nearly here, anxiety creeps in...read more

3 Tips To Improve Job Interview Performance 

<< Back to Support and ServicesBlog  By BlackWattle Careers

Receiving a phone call informing you that you have been shortlisted for a position is an incredibly exciting moment. For many people though, once they hang up the phone, that excitement turns to sheer panic as the prospect of being grilled by an interview panel begins to set in...read more

Interview Preparation

Posted 12/1/2016, By Blackwattle Careers

Are you nervous about an upcoming job interview? If you answered yes, this is completely normal and a good sign that your mind is aware of the fact that you need to perform at your peak.

There is no better way to calm nerves and perform well at an interview than by preparing adequately...read more

Returning to Work? 3 Tips For Your Resume

Posted 5/01/2016, By Blackwattle Careers

Return to work - 3 tips for your CV

There are many steps and elements to writing an excellent resume. Likewise, the stage of your career, your industry and occupation will also determine how your present yourself to the employment market through your resume and cover letter.

In this article, the team at Blackwattle Careers provide 3 tips targeted for people who are looking to return to the workforce after a career gap. A career gap can occur for a variety of reasons which include but are not limited to caring for a young baby or family, caring for an elderly family member or individual health circumstances to name a few...read more

5 Tips for Staying Confident Through a Career Transition

Posted 4/12/2015, By Jodie Bruce-Clarke

Are you looking to make a career transition in 2016?  Maybe you’re thinking that it is time to take the plunge into starting your own business, moving from full-time to part-time or getting back into work now that the kids are in school? 

A career change, like any change, can be challenging and it’s at times like this we need extra amounts of personal motivation...read more

Confidence is the best deodorant!

Posted 6/11/15, By Jodie Bruce-Clarke

Did you know that confidence is one of the world’s most sought-after personality traits?  Why?  Well, we all want it, want more of it or want to know how to hang onto it when we eventually find some of it.  We believe that with confidence anything is possible... read more

Career Consulting - What are you passionate about?

Posted on 22/8/15, By Alexandra Unger

Navigating the world of work has never been more daunting. With so many choices it can be hard to find your way. However, by uncovering your passion and thinking laterally about your next move, you can find a genuinely rewarding career path...read more

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