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Are you looking for flexible work? Have you found that perfect opportunity, but need to refresh your skills in a particular area? Maybe you've discovered a new passion and want a career change? Or perhaps you have a brilliant business idea, and just need some support and training to start building your own flexible business.  

Whatever it may be, this is where we tell you about some of the training and courses to get you ready. What's more, we make sure they are flexible and online so you can learn without taking time away from your family.

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5 Top Organisational Tips to Help Parents Study

Posted for Upskilled  by mumandworking Australia

When you’re a busy mum, it can be tough to find time to think about your next career step, but if, in your few moments of peace and quiet, you find yourself contemplating a return to work or a career change with relish, take a moment to consider the possibility of using a bit of your precious ‘me time’ to study online. Today’s online courses are designed specifically with people like you in mind. Women, who are busy and often tired from family demands, but still retain an impressive level of interest and ambition.... Read more

Advance Your Career While on Maternity Leave

by Foundation Education

jobs for mums by flexible study

A baby and a career aren’t mutually exclusive. If you want to get ahead in your career, use your maternity leave to focus on your family and your future. Put steps in place to advance your career while on maternity leave with these tips.... Read More

Business Schools For Mums

Posted 22/10/15, By mumandworking Australia

A small home based business can offer Mums the opportunity to create their ideal work/ life balance, where they can contribute to the family income, be stimulated and challenged, all whilst being there for their family on their terms.

Many mums out there have wonderful small business ideas that would set them on this path, but unfortunately are instead held back by the nagging voice in their head that tells them – they can’t, it’s too hard, or it’s just not possible for them.

Business School for Mums was created specifically for these women – to show them that anything is possible....Read More

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The Pedi People

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Join the largest mobile toenail cutting & medi pedi franchise business in Australia. 

Our franchises are for everyone - mums, dads, families, single mums and...
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