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5 Top Organisational Tips to Help Parents Study

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When you’re a busy mum, it can be tough to find time to think about your next career step, but if, in your few moments of peace and quiet, you find yourself contemplating a return to work or a career change with relish, take a moment to consider the possibility of using a bit of your precious ‘me time’ to study online. Today’s online courses are designed specifically with people like you in mind. Women, who are busy and often tired from family demands, but still retain an impressive level of interest and ambition.

Studying online, with a course provider like Upskilled,  is a great way to keep your mum-self in touch with your career-self and is much easier to fit into the hectic world of motherhood than you might think. Online study will also give your resume that much needed boost when you either return to work or apply for a new role. Once you’ve chosen your online course, you’ll have to apply all of your motherhood-honed organisational skills to make online study work for you. In case you’re worried about your ability to do this, we have 5 top organisational tips to help you study online.

1. Create a study space you enjoy being in

We all know that women are good at multitasking; we would struggle to be parents if we weren’t. This means that you could probably study at the kitchen table whilst feeing a toddler, in front of the TV whilst watching Lah-Lah The BigLive Band or standing up whilst stirring a spaghetti Bolognese. Being able to do something however doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good idea and you’ll be able to focus on and enjoy your study better if you have your own study space.

2. Keep your ultimate goal in mind

We understand the types of daily surprises that motherhood can bring so don’t be surprised or disappointed in yourself if, whilst you study online, you sometimes feel less than motivated. At these times it can help to keep your ultimate career goal in mind and remember that you’re studying because YOU chose to do so and because YOUR career is important. Great ways to remember your ultimate goal include having it as a screensaver on your and writing yourself a motivational mantra (for example, ‘This mum’s not mediocre, this mum’s excellent!)

3. Create a study schedule but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stick to it

When time is tight and you feel like falling asleep every time the house is quiet, a study schedule can go a long way to helping you make enough space in the day to ensure progress through your online course. A study schedule for any mum however comes with a big caveat, families rarely fit into timetables. Illness, hunger or the need for a cuddle can’t be allocated time slots, so you must be prepared to tell yourself that it’s okay if you don’t get an assignment done exactly when you planned to. Your study schedule should be a tool to help you, not one with which to beat yourself up.

4. Ask for help if you need it (and sometimes if you don’t)

Once your family and friends see your commitment to your online study, they may want to help in some way. As a mum you’ll know that accepting help can sometimes take more time than doing a job yourself but it’s important to allow those who love you (including the children) to feel involved and able to support you. This will be a great motivating factor for you and once they have learned how to be helpful it should free you up some study time.

5. Choose your course carefully

You should ask yourself 4 key questions when choosing online courses:

  1. Which online courses would peek your interest and keep you motivated?
  2. Which online courses would fit into your future career plans?
  3. Which online courses are offered by recognised and trusted providers?
  4. Which online courses are flexible enough to fit in with an endless and unpredictable list of maternal duties?

Upskilled online courses meet all of these criteria. We are one of the biggest Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia and take our ‘Upskilled promises’ of quality, flexibility and support very seriously. Our online courses are perfect for mums who need to fit their study around daily duties and we offer a wide range of courses, in numerous employment-based subjects and at levels to suit everybody. Whether you’re looking for a Certificate level study taster or a Bachelor level career boost, we have a course that’ll suit you and tutors who’ll give you as much support as you need.

Our experienced advisors are here to help you choose the right course for you. Get in touch with Upskilled today and take your first step towards your next great assignment… you!

Fi Darby is a working mum and freelance writer; she specialises in education and online learning and covers a wide range of topics for Upskilled

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